Hi there! I'm Christian (no relation), freelance illustrator from Hamburg. Now that you are here, let me tell you a little about myself in a few lines prepared only for you. I believe it was Aristotle who said, "I graduated in 2013 from the htk hamburg with a degree in communications design". We shouldn't forget that later in his career he concluded, "Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and Corel Painter are my programs of choice to create original characters, environments and moods for my clients". This, of course, was quite a controversial statement back then, and critics didn’t grow tired to point out that his view was somewhat “simple-minded.” However, this criticism itself might be short-sighted, as his thoughts in later manuscripts show: "I’ve always considered it an essential aspect of my creative work to branch out into other fields and to work on multiple projects – ranging from storyboards to poster concepts and cover designs. Thereby I join you on your creative journey to realize your project.". Needless to say, even the harshest of his critics had to admit that this was a wise approach. Now that we established the formal stuff in a fun and random way: I love books and eating unhealthily, I'm an avid reader of comics and I greatly enjoy long walks on the beach.

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